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[poem] religious freedom

I wrote this poem about my feelings about my religious freedom as a person who walks a non-mainstream spiritual path. I originally started writing this poem last August for the First Freedom First campaign, and then I let it sit for awhile because it needed to be reworked. It was mostly conceptual before, and now its a little more poetic. I was inspired last night to finish it.

Enjoy! Feedback welcome.
And click the link above to sign a very important petition to safeguard separation of church and state, and protect religious liberty.


My First Freedom

to worship
to dance, to meditate,
Sometimes silence to think
or a song to sing.

People and choices,
lives and spirituality can
change and evolve--
It could change and sway
grow and bloom.

But always revered is my
freedom to decide these sacred needs
for me.

to light a candle,
to burn some herbs,
to find inspiration in
the element of fire and
the scent of the earth,
this, my freedom to choose my methods,
to find my inspiration
as it comes

According only to me.

to dare to find meaning
in the placement of the planets and stars;
to think there's higher thinking that is
to respect that we each
are on our own unique paths;
our own journeys around the same sun--
little planets giving light and
giving life, each
in our own way.

Everyone is
making choices everyday.

But have we asked ourselves lately
if we are making choices
to make ourselves
more free?
Or are we blinded in the clouds
That rain down
Are we doing
to set ourselves free?
Or are you going to tell me
That I cannot choose and practice
my spirituality?


(c) Bethany Moore 2007
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