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new subculture


your place to belong
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ever feel like you didnt belong.

are you struggling to fit in.

are you into two different things and your friends dont understand. example: raver fashion but punk music. brittany spears but a goth.

I started this place because im one of those people.

theres no place, subculture or hang for me. I know theres other also people like this.

so...i decided subculture get started somehow so why not create one!

this is for you!!! anyone! lets pick our own outstanding fashion! our signature music!! our way of showing people this is us! got a problem!! our own slang! style! attitude!

should we be happy go happy people or gloomy? shall we be nice or bad? weird and normal? what?

of course there must be rules in this comm. for everyones sake.

1. no drama
2. no complaining just because someone types weird.
3. no cussing at someone (meaning no calling of b**** or mother f*****)
4. no flashing us in pics. (unless you say so before we look at it)

thats it! okay! lets make this ideal world ours!!