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When you start to awake from your dream, that is when reality shall hit you. Like a bolt of lighting, stright from the blue. The hard fist shall bruise your soul, you immediately desire t dream once more, just to ignore the constraints of a miserable existance.

Your friends, your dearest friends, shall walk out on you, just as you need them most. Those you love, will constantly break your heart, this will allow reality to unfold. Building dreams upon a broken heart, shall only let your desires collapse around you. You can only feel but naked, as though every eye around is watching your every move, laughing with a stale breathe. The stench is unbelievable.

You do notice the smell, only to realise it's not them, it's you. Panic starts setting in within 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 seconds, by this point you are clueless as what to do. Tears pour down your face, as you realise that this is your own personal hell. To survive, you start to hate love, and just love to hate. You feel the anger changing you, as you lash your very skin as a mark of pain.

Now they are not listening, suicidal tendancies worry your fragile little mind, but death you'll never be brave enough for. Just attention seeking you are now. You may have been ill previously, and because that illness was truly the only friend of yours who cares; it's now gone.

Can't face the lonliness, so you great despair.

The phone rings, and you dive for it, only to find it's no-one important. For those thirteen seconds you heard the phone ringing, you prayed in your heart it would be your lover. Yet felt the heart break, knowing that you can now never be part of happiness ever again. Love feels so dead when your all alone. Not even god shall offer you hope. He left you to suffer....
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