the beatnik pagan poet (beatnikbetty) wrote in new_subculture,
the beatnik pagan poet

--Important Opinion Poll--

This Thursday, I am 99.999% sure I will be taking leave from work to attend the next Interfaith Alliance press conference panel being held in Washington, DC.

May I request some opinions of the Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, as well as Taoists, Buddhists, Sufis, and progressive Christians and Jews...

regarding Religion in America ?

Some Questions to ponder:

1) When you consider America's religious history, what are some concerns or ideas that come to mind?

2) When you consider America's current, contemporary religious situation, what comes to mind?

3) When you dream of America's religious future, what does it look like?

4) What are your thoughts about policy and religion? How should they intertwine in our society?


vague and broad questions, but just a start...

discussion welcome and encouraged.
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