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Trouble Andrew's album out! [11 Feb 2009|03:14pm]

Trouble Andrew's album came out yesterday and it's all i've been listening to for, like, 24 hours straight, haha. you can get it on iTunes . if you don't believe me about him being awesome, definitely check out this remix that Innerpartysystem did of his track "Chase Money." 
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party at the burton store with trevor andrew playing [30 Jan 2009|03:17pm]

this is gonna be awesome... anyone else going?: http://tinyurl.com/bkvxjj 
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Trevor Trouble Andrew's music [19 Jan 2009|06:54pm]

Has anyone here heard snowboarder Trevor "Trouble" Andrew's music before? I gotta admit that i'm really feeling it.

you can download a song of his for free on his website and hear more on his myspace. i've been following him on twitter too, nice.

post your thoughts!

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Attrition's new album [03 Mar 2008|04:55am]

All Mine Enemys Whispers - The Story of Mary Ann Cotton.
Projekt records
A surreal and nightmare-ish journey into the mind of a Victorian serial killer - from one of the pioneers of dark ambient music.
Read more...Collapse )
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Hearts and Hands blogathon for children! <3 [02 Aug 2007|06:15am]



I know this isn’t the normal conversation but I thought this was something really cool and should tell you guys!

Spread the word… Hearts and Hands International, a non-profit charity, is having a Blog-athon. Today only – until 9pm (MT).

Please help out by visiting www.heartsandhandsinternational.org/blogathon.html

 You don’t need to donate, they’re just looking for traffic.

If you can…. Hearts and Heads would really appreciate it if you could post a short blog with a link back so we can help spread the word.  That would really help make this spread like “wild fire”!!  I hope you guys will blog about it too! let me know if you do that'd be cool!!

Hearts and Hands helps out at-risk children around the world… it never hurts to raise awareness.

Emily S.

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90-year-old blind black woman talks about her life [02 Aug 2007|12:43pm]


My grandma, Eva Rutland www.evarutland.com, has just republished her memoir "When We Were Colored, a Mother's Story." Originally published in 1964, it is a snapshot of what life was like for black people living before the Civil Rights Movement. It tells the story of a woman who was raised in Atlanta, GA before the Second World War. The beloved only girl of a school teacher and a pharmacist, Ms. Rutland was sheltered from many of the harsh racial realities of life in the South. She graduated from Spelman College, a black women's college in Atlanta, GA, in 1937. After World War II, she and her family moved West, where she raised her children during the early days of integration. She originally wrote the book because she worried about the newly integrated world that her children were entering. She wrote this book with white mothers in mind. She wanted them to realize that her children were just as precious and just as fragile as their children and to be nice to them.

Almost 50 years later, this book still has resonance today. It is not the story of lynchings and sit-ins. It's the story of being the first black man in a prominent position in a previously all white workplace, the first black family in a previously all-white neighborhood or the first black child in an all-white classro0m. It is a story that any mother or person whose had a mother can relate to and I strongly encourage you all to read it. 

Eva Rutland is now 90-years-old, blind but continues to write. She has published over 20 novels and is currently working on a sequel tentatively entitled "Tales of a Negro Grandma."

Please read the book (you can request it from your local library) and comment on it because my grandma loves to hear from her fans.

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[poem] religious freedom [01 Feb 2007|12:24pm]

I wrote this poem about my feelings about my religious freedom as a person who walks a non-mainstream spiritual path. I originally started writing this poem last August for the First Freedom First campaign, and then I let it sit for awhile because it needed to be reworked. It was mostly conceptual before, and now its a little more poetic. I was inspired last night to finish it.

Enjoy! Feedback welcome.
And click the link above to sign a very important petition to safeguard separation of church and state, and protect religious liberty.


My First Freedom

to worship
to dance, to meditate,
Sometimes silence to think
or a song to sing.

People and choices,
lives and spirituality can
change and evolve--
It could change and sway
grow and bloom.

But always revered is my
freedom to decide these sacred needs
for me.

to light a candle,
to burn some herbs,
to find inspiration in
the element of fire and
the scent of the earth,
this, my freedom to choose my methods,
to find my inspiration
as it comes

According only to me.

to dare to find meaning
in the placement of the planets and stars;
to think there's higher thinking that is
to respect that we each
are on our own unique paths;
our own journeys around the same sun--
little planets giving light and
giving life, each
in our own way.

Everyone is
making choices everyday.

But have we asked ourselves lately
if we are making choices
to make ourselves
more free?
Or are we blinded in the clouds
That rain down
Are we doing
to set ourselves free?
Or are you going to tell me
That I cannot choose and practice
my spirituality?


(c) Bethany Moore 2007
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For Research, define "Pagan" [05 Feb 2006|08:58pm]

Please tell me what you think the word "Pagan" means.
Historically, and/or in modern-day use.

I am writing a "definition paper" in which I discuss the controversy of the word "Pagan".
I have to write 3-4 pages, and my draft is only currently creeping onto the 3rd page.

Some inspiration from others would assist in the generalized conception of the definition of the word, and I can compare it to what I've already written.

Thanks in advance.

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hello [04 Jan 2006|05:02am]

Calling all vampire lovers, Come join the new community, The Cohallition

Join the story, meet many more vampire lovers like yourself

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You can share poetry, stories, facts, fiction, talk about vampires, even just chit chat.
Or you could even join one of the most exciting stories on the net.


hope to see you there

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[18 Jun 2005|08:53pm]

Please check out our community. http://www.livejournal.com/community/for_your_eyes/

We have two projects ongoing at the moment, The Pages Project and the Alternate Book Project. Both projects encourage people to participate and add contribution. You may write, draw, do anything as long as you honestly express who you are. If you check out the community we have several Pages scanned showing other people's contributions, and if you look around you will find all the information you need to know for each project. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

All people are welcome.
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Heartbreak [22 May 2005|09:47pm]

When you start to awake from your dream, that is when reality shall hit you. Like a bolt of lighting, stright from the blue. The hard fist shall bruise your soul, you immediately desire t dream once more, just to ignore the constraints of a miserable existance.

Your friends, your dearest friends, shall walk out on you, just as you need them most. Those you love, will constantly break your heart, this will allow reality to unfold. Building dreams upon a broken heart, shall only let your desires collapse around you. You can only feel but naked, as though every eye around is watching your every move, laughing with a stale breathe. The stench is unbelievable.

You do notice the smell, only to realise it's not them, it's you. Panic starts setting in within 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 seconds, by this point you are clueless as what to do. Tears pour down your face, as you realise that this is your own personal hell. To survive, you start to hate love, and just love to hate. You feel the anger changing you, as you lash your very skin as a mark of pain.

Now they are not listening, suicidal tendancies worry your fragile little mind, but death you'll never be brave enough for. Just attention seeking you are now. You may have been ill previously, and because that illness was truly the only friend of yours who cares; it's now gone.

Can't face the lonliness, so you great despair.

The phone rings, and you dive for it, only to find it's no-one important. For those thirteen seconds you heard the phone ringing, you prayed in your heart it would be your lover. Yet felt the heart break, knowing that you can now never be part of happiness ever again. Love feels so dead when your all alone. Not even god shall offer you hope. He left you to suffer....
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SUP [29 Apr 2005|11:33am]

its been a long time since i been here. in fact i started this comm. long ago. i was tired of being a mixed group type. i wanted to start a new subculture. oh well. i guess i didnt succeed. but still after a long time i relized its not what ure affiliated with or where you fit in. its you. it about yourself and how you feel and accept yourself.

im happy. and i grew a bit more.

have fun.
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[01 Apr 2005|03:49pm]

I just joined, so I thought I would say hello to you all.
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Spreading the Love... [27 Mar 2005|11:41am]
Some info about Phoenix ConGamesCollapse )

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Ursula K. Le Guin and SciFi. [11 Feb 2005|08:53pm]

Who here is a fan of the SF/fantasy writer, Ursula K. Le Guin?

The SciFi channel did an adaptation of Le Guin's "Earthsea" fantasies recently. Many people were very angry about the series' portrayal of nearly all the main characters as white. Ursula Le Guin herself hated the series for many reasons, but above all this "whitewashing." She is strongly influenced by Taoism and Native American spirituality, had mostly brown and black characters, and felt with justification that a white Earthsea could not do justice to her work. She wrote that she's had letters from teens of color saying they couldn't find people like themselves in any YA science fiction but hers. (This may not have been the case for real and may no longer be true, what with authors like Octavia Butler and portayals of people of color in some SF television series, but it's still important.)

I've put up a community to protest this bowdlerization, save_earthsea. Everyone's invited to take a look at it and join in suggested projects for protest and in discussion about the racial issues involved, including to develop new projects friendly to people of color. (If you feel that this issue doesn't include you--let me know that too.)

Disclaimer: This isn't spam. I'm posting this invite with some variations in more than one community, in order not to get CTS, but I've every intention of discussing here.

Thanks for reading this!
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Do People Just Not Understand Your Sense of Humor? [21 Dec 2004|01:54am]

Hi, I thought some of you might be interested in ghetto_toez, a community my friend palefire and I moderate. ghetto_toez is devoted to finding the most bizarre, frightening, and funny stuff on the web. If anyone has told you that you have a weird sense of humor, consider joining us!

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Religion and Politics Essay [04 Dec 2004|12:08pm]

I'd appreciate comments, criticism, feedback, discussion, whatever from this essay. For background that ties in with this, you can read the Preamble to a Synopsis by clicking on the link.

Thank you so much for reading.
I look forward to comments and discussion.


Nov 11, 2004
The City Museum

A dash of religion, a sprinkle of politics...

Thursday morning, I got up and rushed myself through the DC metro system to meet up with Troy, a very good friend of mine, and was greeted to a cup of Starbucks caramel macchiato to compliment my morning cigarette. Then at the City Museum, I walked in to find guests chatting and networking around the catered table which was filled with delicious Cosi bagels, pastries, orange juice and coffee. Troy was attending this panel discussion for his own professional concerns with the The Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative, and I was there for my own personal interests and research, this being the 3rd panel discussion hosted by the The Interfaith Alliance & Foundation this year that I've had the opportunity to attend.

Interfaith Alliance Panel Discussion - Who let that Witch in here?Collapse )
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You know you wanna feel it [03 Dec 2004|08:46am]

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--Important Opinion Poll-- [08 Nov 2004|12:44pm]

This Thursday, I am 99.999% sure I will be taking leave from work to attend the next Interfaith Alliance press conference panel being held in Washington, DC.

May I request some opinions of the Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, as well as Taoists, Buddhists, Sufis, and progressive Christians and Jews...

regarding Religion in America ?

Some Questions to ponder:

1) When you consider America's religious history, what are some concerns or ideas that come to mind?

2) When you consider America's current, contemporary religious situation, what comes to mind?

3) When you dream of America's religious future, what does it look like?

4) What are your thoughts about policy and religion? How should they intertwine in our society?


vague and broad questions, but just a start...

discussion welcome and encouraged.
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Hello [23 Oct 2004|06:27pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Well, Hello! Just joined. THis feels like the place for me. anyway, Call me Cass, full name being Cassandra. erm... yeah. thats it. my blend so to speack is, spiritulist-individualist-rocker-goth-and whatever you wanna call me. Heh, anyway, Hi all. Cheers Lady T/Cass.

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